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 Cannibal Watches

A large collection of ladies and gents watches, boys watches and girls watches in both digital and analogue format.

Junior Time Teacher
Cannibal Junior Time Teacher
For younger kids the Cannibal Junior Time Teacher pieces provide a simple and effective way to learn the time. Specially created to be ‘my first watch’ they feature Cannibal’s distinctive Time Teacher face and hands.
Cannibal Teens
Cannibal Teens
Older children - particularly teenage girls - will love the fun, funky and colourful designs of Cannibal Teens.
Ideal for action-loving adults are the rugged, multi-functional Cannibal Adventure and Cannibal Active ranges of water-resistant, sporty watches. Individual design features and functions include alarm, multi-alarm, split timer, stop watch, back light, lap timer, countdown timer, chronograph and hourly chime.
Cannibal Active
Cannibal Active
Cannibal Adventure
Cannibal Adventure

All Cannibal watches are fitted with superior watch bracelets and watchstraps, are water resistant and supplied with a two-year guarantee. Many models keep the date as well as the time.

Cannibal Teen

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