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 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy an item directly from Royal London?
We do not supply directly to the public but via hundreds of retail outlets throughout the UK.

2. What if the jeweller closest to my location does not have the item I want in stock?
They will probably be willing to order a specific item directly from us on your behalf and may ask you to leave a small deposit before ordering.

3. I have an item that I wish to return. Can I return it to Royal London?
No, you should return the item to the shop you purchased it from, along with your receipt.

4. I bought a watch but the shop has not given me any instructions on how to use it.
Some watches - such as pocket watches and normal quartz watches without a date - do not have any instructions. All multi-function watches and date watches should have instructions. If yours are missing email us with the model number, which is usually found on the watch case back, and we will forward the relevant instructions onto you.

5. My watch needs a new battery. Can I send it to you for replacement?
Not in normal circumstances. Your local jeweller can fit a watch battery to most watches for you.

6. The watch bracelet on my watch needs adjusting. Can I send it to you to have links removed?
This service is provided by your local jeweller, who will measure the watch against the wearer’s wrist and ensure it is adjusted to the correct size. If the bracelet is too small the jeweller can then order the extra links directly from us.

7. My watch is out of guarantee. Can I return it directly to you for a service/repair?
We do not have the facilities to offer this service but most jewellers offer a service or repair for all watches.

8. I have a manual wind pocket watch. How many times should I turn the winder to make it fully wound?
It is a good idea to wind your watch each morning until you feel slight tension in the winding mechanism. Do not wind beyond this point. This should keep your watch operating until the following day.

9. I require a new strap for my watch. Can I obtain it from you?
Most Jewellers have a large selection of watchstraps to fit any watch size so your local one should be able to help you.

10. My strap has come away from my watch as the pin has broken. Can you supply a new pin?
Most jewellers stock a range of spare pins in all sizes so it is not necessary to return the item to us for a pin.

11. I am going to open a retail shop and I would like to stock your products.
If you telephone 0208-370-4300 and ask to make an appointment with your local Area Sales Manager, we will arrange for him or her to contact you.

12. Where can I find operating instructions for my watches.
Instructions for most RL and Cannibal models can be found on this website. Click here and then follow the on-screen instructions.


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