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00930048: Hand Vacuum
Supplied with three interchangeable suction cups designed to replace tweezers. (Electronic use to pick up items without touching).
JC037: Glass Fibre Pencil Brush
Pencil type scratch brush with retractable glass bristles.
WT024: Large Case Cushion
Ideal for preventing marking the glass on watches. Size 72mm diameter.
WT025: Silicone Case Pad
Use with case cushion WT024 to prevent case slipping whilst being worked on.
WT026: Rubber Blower + Non
Filled with non-return valve and a fine metal nozzle.
WT027: Servisol Aeroduster 105
Provides a powerful dry blast for instant cleaning, to quickly remove dust, dirt and loose contamination from delicate equipment and inaccessile areas. Non-flammable, non-residue formulation. 400ml with extension tube.
WT028: Hand Remover
Used to remove hands on wrist watches and helps prevent the damage and loss of hands.
WT073: Pin Vice Double Ended
Giving four sized steel chucks with a capacity of 0-1.90mm in one pencil size body with an overall length 103mm.
WT084: Trium Oiler Black Fine
Swiss made oiler with plastic handle, steel spade needles, one fitted and two spare. 0.5mm.
WT085: Oiler Set/5
Five fixed tip oilers for transferring lubricant.

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