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WT139: LED Bench Lamp
Quality LED lamp using low heat bright daylight LEDs. Brightness 3400 Lux at 30cm using 21w of power. Continues dimming to 10% with multi position head joint. Even spread of light. Shade width - 58cm.
WT140: Bench Light
Quality slimline magnifying bench lamp. The bright 22w low heat and flicker-free Daylight tube (200w equiv.) combines with the slimline head and adjustable internal spring arm. Two easily changeable 13cm/5" glass lenses (1.75X and 2.25X) ensure you see the intricate details clearly. Supplied with table champ. Lamp brightness 5850 Lux at 15cm and 2000 Lux at 30cm. Total amount visible light emmited in Lumens is 1350 lm.

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